Tax Preparation Process


Organize your documents, go to the resources tab and pre-fill the applicable information as requested.


Please provide us with your documents 7 days before your scheduled appointment by:

Fax: (888) 328-4502

Internet: Google Drive or DropBox or via Verifyle (a secured link that can be requested from us)

Email: Alan Liang -

Charlie McGlynn - 

Jared La

Jean Walterick -

Tyler Bui -

Mail/In Person: 91 Westborough Blvd, Ste 2030, South San Francisco, CA 94080


Prior to your appointment, theTaxGuySF do a preliminary tax return and will contact you for any missing information. This will allow us time prior to your appointment to do the background.

If you prefer, we are able to work 100% remotely, therefore, an in-person appointment is not necessary.


During our appointment, we will review and finalize your tax return and provide tax planning advice for the year ahead.